99 - 51 Ordinances

Note numbers skipped from 78 to 80 & from 54 to 56

Ordinance-99 Highways/Roads
Ordinance-98 Open Burning
Ordinance-97 Sewer Rates
Ordinance-96 Sewer Rules
Ordinance-94 Hazardous Conditions
Ordinance-93 Trailer Parking
Ordinance-92 Municipal Water System
Ordinance-91 Private Water Line
Ordinance-90 Beekeeping
Ordinance-89 Rubbish Dump
Ordinance-88 Dog Keeping
Ordinance-87 Natural Gas
Ordinance-86 Malt Liquor
Ordinance-85 Election Day
Ordinance-84 Water Works
Ordinance-83 Sewers
Ordinance-82 Excavating Streets
Ordinance-81 Building Permit (includes Amendments)
Ordinance-80 Natural Gas
Ordinance-77 Dog License
Ordinance-76 Water Works
Ordinance-75 Disorderly Conduct
Ordinance-74 Games of Skill
Ordinance-73 Municipal Liquor
Ordinance-72 Sidewalks
Ordinance-71 Lawn Maintenance
Ordinance-70 Bicycles
Ordinance-69 Dog License
Ordinance-68 Animals in Village
Ordinance-67 Liquor License
Ordinance-66 Games of Skill
Ordinance-65 Water System
Ordinance-64 Air Raid
Ordinance-63 Public Health
Ordinance-62 Cigarette License
Ordinance-61 Waterworks
Ordinance-60 Filling Stations
Ordinance-59 Service Stations
Ordinance-58 Traffic
Ordinance-57A Non-Intoxicating Liquors
Ordinance-57.5 Intoxicating Liquors
Ordinance-57 Parking
Ordinance-56 Transient Merchants
Ordinance-54 Intoxicating Liquor
Ordinance-53 Non-Intoxicating Liquors
Ordinance-52 Non-Intoxicating Liquors
Ordinance-51 Fire-Works