Where the Hell is Bird Island?

As printed in the Bird Island Union November 9, 1988

Dear Editor:

The effects of the drought have devastated many walks of life this past summer but few have been as disappointed as the charter members of the Bird Island Yacht Club.

The drought of 1988 had dampened the early predictions of a record breaking year for new members.  As a direct result of the loss in revenue, the plans for the club house and 18 hole golf course have been reduced to a 1-hole outhouse.  As to the rumors of the America's Cup Race being held in Bird Island this next year, the Bird Island Yacht Club is extremely disappointed it had to decline the invitation as the direct result of no water in the lagoon.

A pot luck get together is being planned in the church basement to discuss possible solutions to the problem of lack of water (the code name "ICEBERG" has been assigned to the problem.)

To receive your yacht club hat and become a lifetime member of the Bird Island Yacht Club send $20 and at least a 5 word paragraph as to why you believe you should be accepted as a member.  Your application will go before the review board to see if you meet the qualifications (which are extremely low compared to other Yacht clubs in the area.)


President Bird Island

Yacht Club

P.O. Box 197

Bird Island, MN 55310